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Healthy Hair Vitamins

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On a final note

Chamomile has been known to be an excellent hair conditioner and to sooth scalps. When mixed with a bit of lemon and sunshine it has also been known to give subtle natural highlights to hair.
A person’s hair is an important part of who they are.

A person’s hairstyle says a lot about that person, and says a lot about their style, likes, and preferences 


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Healthy Hair Vitamins

Healthy Hair Vitamins

There a number of different specific hair vitamins and minerals that can play a major role in helping a person have a healthy head of hair. If a person does not have sufficient hair vitamins then the deficiencies can lead to thinning hair or even total baldness in the most severe cases. The fact is that the state of a person’s hair reflects the overall condition of their body. Extra hair vitamins are likely to be needed if a person is generally unwell or is undernourished as their hair will show damage too and may even stop growing.

Some of the most important hair vitamins that a person needs to have healthy hair include B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. The best way to ensure that a person receives enough of these essential hair vitamins are for them to be taken as vitamin supplements. It is not just hair vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair though as there are a number of minerals that are essential, including magnesium, sulphur, silica and zinc.

The most essential hair vitamin is vitamin a but the best form of this is to include in the diet is beta-carotene. This is because the hair vitamin A can be toxic if consumed in large quantities but beta-carotene has no such problems and is converted by the body into vitamin A that can be used to promote healthy hair. Of course, vitamin A is not just a hair vitamin, it is also needed for a number of other functions including normal growth of bones, skin, nails and the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres.

Protein is another essential hair vitamin. This is because hair itself is essentially protein. The amount of this hair vitamin that a person consumes in their diet can affect the hair directly. If a lot of protein is included in a person’s diet then this hair vitamin will lead to improved hair growth and a far fuller head of hair. However, a person who has a diet that is lacking in this hair vitamin will suffer from thinning hair and slow hair growth.

Of course, it is not just hair vitamins and minerals that are needed to ensure that a person has healthy, strong hair. There are a number of researchers who have found that there are direct links between the overall health of a person and the condition of their hair. If a person is under a lot of stress or suffers from a lack of sleep then their hair is also likely to suffer and it is likely that their diet will not provide enough hair vitamins to counter these effects. Hair vitamin and mineral supplements can be the solution to weak and damaged hair.


Chamomile is an herb that has been used for thousands of years for many ailments including gas, diarrhea, stomach upset, sleeplessness, and anxiety. It can also be used topically for certain skin lesions. The Chamomile plant has flowering tops and these are what are used for making tea and other herbal remedies that include Chamomile.

When Chamomile tops are stewed and then drained the liquid is a deep yellow color and can be lightly sweetened if preferred. It has a very unique taste to it and many women used to make sure they always had a few baby bottles tucked safely away in the refrigerator in case their baby got gas. It was used before the days of over the counter gas relief drops and although there is no scientific validity to it, it always seemed to make the baby stop wailing and fall fast asleep.

It was also given to women for menstrual cramps in the days before Midol and Pamprin. Chamomile also has some calming properties to it so it can be very beneficial to sip on during the day if you are feeling anxious or if the muscles in your body are tense from anxiety and stress it is said that Chamomile can help to relieve that.

Chamomile produces an oil that when isolated turns a very unique bluish color and this has very distinct anti-inflammatory properties to it so it has been known to work very well on skin infections, eczema, and inflamed skin. This would be Chamomile in its topical form rather than the flowers or the tea from the flowers. Again, remember that Chamomile was around for a long time before many over the counter and prescription medications were so readily available. For years all many people had to rely on was herbal remedies that were likely passed down from generations and possibly continued to be passed down even after the newer medications did come to the forefront.

Often when small children had bug bites, diaper rashes, or eczema, the mother would fill a stocking with Chamomile and oatmeal and let it soak in the tub with her children. It was very effective in stopping the itch and improving the diaper rash. Chamomile was also used in combination with other herbs for a lot of other purposes such as if one felt nauseous, a combination of Chamomile, shredded licorice root, fennel seeds, and peppermint would cure that pretty quickly. Because Chamomile is part of the Ragweed family you should not ingest it if you have an allergy to Ragweed.

Some people love to sip a hot cup of Chamomile tea with no ailments at all, just because they enjoy it. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to stay away from all herbs but Chamomile is the exception to this rule. 

It is completely safe for anyone to drink at any time. It has even been known to help teething babies too. 

On a final note Chamomile has been known to be an excellent hair conditioner and to sooth scalps. When mixed with a bit of lemon and sunshine it has also been known to give subtle natural highlights to hair.

Where Is That Hair Way Up There?

A person’s hair is an important part of who they are. A person’s hairstyle says a lot about that person, and says a lot about their style, likes, and their preferences. There are many types of hair styles. There are styles for long hair, their styles for short hair, and there are styles for hair lengths in between. Where do you get your hairstyle? Do you get yours from Hollywood society? Do you get your hairstyle from magazines? Do you get your hairstyle from relatives or friends? Wherever you get your hairstyles from, rest assured that the hairstyle you choose is best suited for you and your personality.

Often people will choose to dye their hair as a fashion statement or preference. There is no right and there is no wrong when you consider a hairstyle. There are many popular colors to choose from on the market today: blond, brown, black, white, purple, and even green our popular hair colors today. Of course, you can choose to have your own hair dye specially made for you that is a mixture of various other colors. When choosing a hair dye, your imagination is the only limit.

Another popular hairstyle concerns the length of the hair. At one time, was popular for women to have long hair and for men to have short hair. However, times have changed. Many men have long hair; many women have short hair. The length of the hair is a personal choice and often changes over a period of time. Is it easier to make hair short than it is to make hair long. Therefore, care should be taken when going from long too short.

Of course, it is important to decide who and where you will be getting that new hairstyle. Many times, people will have a certain stylist that they visit to get that hairstyle – be it new or just a refresher. Beauticians offer a professional opportunity to have perfection in your hairstyle. Finding a good beautician is not always easy. However, a good beautician should be revered and held on to firmly.

Unfortunately, not all people have enough on top to visit a salon or beautician. These people often have thinning or balding hair. This is not usually a desirable condition to people unless they choose to do this as a fashion statement. Thinning and balding hair has had its day of "magical" tonics and cure-alls. Even today, there are many miraculous cures for those with thinning or balding hair. If you choose to go high-tech, you can opt to have surgery to move hair from one place to another. The choices today are staggering.

When you want a new hair style or a completely new head of hair, there are promises abounding that promise the best, the perfect head of hair. A lot of the hair has to do with genetics. Sometimes, a person just has to face the facts: there just isn’t much hair up there. Bald is as beautiful as that mysterious, luxurious long hair. Sometimes, people have no idea how truly lucky they are.

Superfoods for Healthy Hair

Superfoods for Healthy Hair
We’ve all learned through the years that a well-balanced diet is healthy for our body and critical for optimal health and performance. Our hair is no different A mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and iron are all required for healthy, strong hair.
Good hair nutrition begins with getting enough protein, which is the building block of your hair. Then you need complex carbohydrates to help assemble the proteins for hair growth. Other important vitamins and minerals include B complex, which is associated with energy production and building good hair and skin issues, folic acid, B12, and zinc.
Hair follicles can have low energy levels just like we do. Therefore, it’s very important that you eat a high protein mean at the start of each day. Consider the following food choices for breakfast and the other daily meals in order to give you hair the healthiest opportunity to grow and thrive.
If you don't have high cholesterol, try eating red meat twice per week. It has the protein your hair needs, but also is full of B vitamins, iron and zinc, which are all important for healthy hair. Bacon is another great choice as it’s also full of B vitamins, zinc and protein, but since it’s also high calorie, it’s not the best choice if you’re also trying to lose weight. Eggs and egg whites are another great protein option, especially for vegetarians or those who cannot eat red meat or bacon due to dietary restrictions. Salmon is another great protein choice, and works great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll find it’s also full of B vitamins, including B12, and other vitamins and minerals.

Just be sure to keep in mind that you should also have complex carbohydrates, which feed you energy over a longer period of time than refined carbohydrates, with your protein source at meals. Brown short-grain rice is an ideal form. It's also a good source of B vitamins and some fiber. Whole grain choices complement your protein consumption by helping organize the proteins for the hair to utilize for optimal growth and health.

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